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Constructed from strong, durable polypropylene the chemical resistant, FDA compliant, Japanese Food Hygiene Approved Ezi–action® Drum Pumps will quickly, safely and reliably pump a wide range of liquids including cleaning chemicals, industrial chemicals, oils, mild solvents, strong acids, strong alkalis and liquid foods. Opt for the Ezi-action® Safety Measure and get easy, safe decanting every time. Ezi-action® Drum Pumps are proven around the world for safety and reliability for hand pumping and fluid transfer from drums and containers. Ezi-action® Drum Pumps are made from high quality, robust polypropylene. They are manufactured in New Zealand and USA to standards that ensure that the quality and integrity of your liquid product will not be compromised during fluid transfer and that ensure the pumps are reliable.

Item IDDescriptionUOMPkg QtyUnit SizeQuantity
Hand Pump 15oz Ez-Action
MFG Part 92652266