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Combination Sanitation Solution

Combination Sanitation Solution


A family owned and operated cheese manufacturing facility located in the rolling farmlands of west-central Wisconsin. We produce over 60,000 pounds of cheese per production day


Customer was looking for cost reduction on their sanitation program or we’d risk the loss of the business.


Kelley Supply analyzed the usage rates, effectiveness, procedures and product mix of the customers overall sanitation program and offering an alternative product mix with a special blend of packages from two different vendors, Ecolab and Hawkins making the overall package more competitive without sacrificing quality, and service.


The trial / field test is on-going as we incorporated new items into the mix. Replaced Ecolab doorway foamers with peroxyfoam; Converted Ecolab bulk items over to Hawkins/KSI; Changed Ecolab Ultrasil 01 to KSI membrane surfactant; Changed Ecolab equip sanitizer over to Azone.

We included images and videos of the problem/ solution comparison where applicable… Include spreadsheet of data of the problem/solution comparison where applicable…


Our goal offered the customer a competitive package so they stayed with us. Technical expertise & involvement with the plant made for a smooth transition. Met the challenge of changing procedures, training, labeling, usages, titrations, bulk chemical setups….. just very involved process. The competitive advantage provided trust & relationship with customer