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Ecolab EcoCare

The Ecolab EcoCare program consists of hand washes, sanitizers, and non-greasy lotions with convenient dispensing options. Poorly washed or sanitized hands can contribute to cases of food related illness. This program helps helps reduce the risk of contamination during food and beverage processing.

Benefits of this program include:

  • Personalized and custom product selection
  • Expert installation
  • Training and education
  • Regular service visits

Ecolab & Kelley Supply work together to provide a total plant solution cleaning and sanitation program that incorporates EcoCare products. It is a personalized service that maximizes your company's productivity, profitability, safety, while reducing your capital and operational expenses.

Key Factors:

  • Types of products manufactured
  • Application type
  • Plant area
  • Equipment type
  • Applicable regulations
  • Other conditions

EcoCare 200 Series - Hand Soaps
  • Clean and sanitize in one step
  • Can be used in any water conditions
  • Meet the former USDA E2 requirements
EcoCare 300 Series - Hand Sanitizers
  • No need to rinse or dry after use
  • Leaves hands feeling soft after use
  • Meet the former USDA E3 efficacy guidelines
EcoCare 600 Series - Doorway Foam Products
  • Help prevent the spread of contaminants on workers' boots and equipment wheels
  • EPA approved
EcoCare 250
Ecolab EcoCare 250
EcoCare 260
Ecolab EcoCare 270
EcoCare 275
Ecolab EcoCare 275
EcoCare 350
Ecolab EcoCare 350
EcoCare 360
Ecolab EcoCare 360
EcoCare 370
Ecolab EcoCare 370
EcoCare 600FA
Ecolab EcoCare 600FA
EcoCare 660
Ecolab EcoCare 660