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Safety Improvements Using Luperox


Safety Improvements Using Luperox® EZ9


This facility has evolved to its present modern operations through management who have been sensitive to the need for quality products and flexible in the face of changing technology Whey plant produces Delactose whey powder


Whey is currently bleached using a dry benzoyl peroxide bleaching agent (DBP), which is inconvenient to use as it requires mixing with water before use. It is dusty and therefore poses an inhalation risk to employees. It also needs to be handled very carefully as it is highly flammable. Even the friction of a cart rolling over a dried puddle may spark a fire. DBP also contains high amounts of inorganic material leading to higher ash content in processed whey.

  • Flexible application to whole whey, WPC, lactose
  • Applicable to cheese vat milk
  • Membrane safe; RO and UF

What will happen if this problem isn’t solved?

Employee safety risk is much higher if they use the dry benzoyl peroxide vs. switching to Luperox EZ9.

More dry benzoyl peroxide (ppms) will be used to process same amount of whey.

Operation will be more difficult with less consistency.

Ash content will be higher.

  • 20% reduction in parts per million
  • Re-engineered BPO suspended microcrystalline solution for improved performance and effectiveness
  • Non-GMO certified
  • Clean Label


Luperox EZ9 is a viable alternative to current market offerings for the purpose of decoloring whey and whitening cheese. It is GRAS approved and considered a process aid for use in whey and cheese. It breaks down into benzoic acid which is naturally occurring in many food products. When compared to the competition, it has greater efficacy at the same parts per million allowing one to use less of the Luperox EZ9 to accomplish the same outcome. It is convenient, coming ready to use with no mixing required. Lastly, it improves housekeeping and eliminates health and safety risks for your employees making your environment a better place to work. Operator appreciated the ease of use and consistent results that were delivered.