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Cheese Fines

Cheese Fines


A long standing Wisconsin Cheese manufacturer with a history of producing high quality cheese was looking to improve their process. Their commitment to quality and excellence continually kept them striving to develop the best practices


Lower the c plate counts on cheese fines without adulterating their product, so the cheese could be redistributed back to the vats.


Their current process needed to be updated and they looked to Kelley Supply for help. Kelley Supply researched the use of Whey-cide, a peroxyacetic acid-based mircobiocide. Whey-cide reduces the incidence of bacteria which cause contamination; spoilage and decay. It is FDA regulated by use and dosage. Whey-cide contributes no flavor or smell and degrades to oxygen, water and acetic acid.


Jointly, the customer and Kelley Supply decided to trial Whey-cide and its effectiveness to improve their overall process. The customer lowered their c plate counts and felt confident routing the cheese fines back to the tables. Plus, they improved the performance on the fine saver and discovered it was much easier to clean, because of the removal of the bio film on the screens. Together this solution was developed and incorporated into their process.