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    • Foam NOX LC81 Water Conditioner 4x1gal
    • Item ID: C310609LC
    • Extended Description: Liquid 48/plt 6300779
    • Alternate Codes: 48629, 6300779
    • MFG Part: 6300779
    • UOM: CASE
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    • Lead Time: 7 days
    • Price: $336.62
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    EcolabĀ® Foam-Nox is a blend of liquid surfactants with defoaming and wetting properties. It is used to enhance finished product quality and shelf life, spoil penetration and removal. Foam-Nox is versatile, reduces cleaning costs, and helps save time. Its concentration can be varied to control foaming from no foam to the desired foam level and is free rinsing. Defoams over a temperature range of 130 degrees to 200 degrees F.

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