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    • Peppers Jalapeno 60G/40R 1/8in Diced
    • Item ID: FI080611RP
    • Extended Description: 55gal Drum 360lb Pepper Wgt 450LB w/Brine Scoville 3000-6000 4/plt
    • UOM: DRUM
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    Brined Jalapeño Peppers are used to add a characteristic flavor profile in food products. They are used in cheese, processed cheese, baked goods, and beverages. Peppers are available in red, green and a blend of both red and green in various ratios. They are also available in different dice sizes as well as packaging sizes in pails, drums and totes. This specific blend is 60% green, 40% red and comes in a 55 gallon drum.

    Brand: Ripon Pickle

    Mix: 60 green, 40 red

    Length: .125 in

    Volume: 55 gal

    Weight: 450 lbs

    Units: 1 drum

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