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    • Polyester Strapping 7/16in .020ga GR
    • Item ID: P202190
    • Extended Description: 425 Break Strength 11550ft Machine Green 55lb/coil 24coil/plt Model 2X1488 Signode Tenax 1716LC
    • MFG Part: 1716LC
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    Signode® Tenax® polyester strapping is one of the strongest strapping products available. Polyester strapping provides excellent retained tension to stay tight on rigid loads. It also provides load stability during storage and shipping. Its recovery properties help a load absorb impact without strap breakage. Tenax® can be tensioned to a higher percentage of its break strength than any other strapping material. It also retains tension under hot, humid conditions and is more resistant to such environments than other plastic strapping. Tenax® can be used in both power strapping machines and hand tools. It serves as a viable alternative to steel strapping in brick, lumber and textile industries. 

    Brand: Signode

    Color: Green

    Application: Machine

    Length: 11,550 ft

    Width: 0.4375 in

    Thickness: .02 ga

    Break Point: 425 lbs

    Units: 55 lbs/coil, 24 units/pallet

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