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    • Cheese Box Liner FC 40lb 100pt w/Imprint
    • Item ID: P324007
    • Extended Description: Solid Fibre 7inx14inx11in Total Sheet Size. 6.97in tall x 50 long. Makeup L38 C40 C40 L38 1800/plt 46800/truckload
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    Cheese box liners are used as a durable alternative to wood and hardboard liners. They feature smooth sides for efficient insert and removal, which in return creates smooth, square blocks while improving stacking strength. Our cheese boards are designed for reuse and are 100% recyclable.

    Brand: Kelley Supply, Inc.

    Length: 11 in

    Width: 7 in

    Height: 14 in

    Capacity: 40 lbs

    Units: 1 each, 2160 liners/pallet

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