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    • Longhorn Sleeve 13x6.5 Flat 4in Diameter
    • Item ID: P324015
    • Extended Description: .016 pt Chip 59.2lb MSF Basis Weight 500/cs 36/plt
    • MFG Part: 13x6.5
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    • Lead Time: 63 days
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    Kelley Supply, Inc. has developed a Longhorn sleeve that is stronger than the competition. Longhorn sleeves are used for holding cheese in a cylinder shape before deli processing. Choose from a variety of sizes available or we can custom make to your desired specifications. If you do not see your desired size, call 1-800-782-8573 for more information.

    Brand: Kelley Supply, Inc.

    Length: 6.5 in

    Width: 13 in

    Diameter: 4 in

    Thickness: .016 pt

    Capacity: 59.2 lbs

    Units: 500 sleeves/case, 36 cases/pallet

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