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Ecolab and Kelley Supply has had a unique and collaborative partnership in place for over 25 years supplying the food and beverage industries with products and services to support sanitation programs that keep manufacturing facilities clean, safe and efficient. Our partnership allows us to offer customized and highly competitive offerings on sanitizers, cleaners, enzymes, degreasers, water conditioners, additives and membrane program products. Chemical storage, dispensing and mixing equipment are available to support these customized programs.

Food & Beverage Processing - Total Plant Assurance

Ecolab and Kelley Supply, Inc. are here for you! Together, we can provide your food and beverage processing plant with peace of mind knowing your operations will be optimized for production without deminishing the food quality or safety.

Where we can assist you:

  • Sanitation Program Guidance and Technical Expertise
  • Programs and Systems that drive Operational Efficiency
  • Hand Care and Traffic Control Programs
  • Inventory Management and Order Fulfillment Programs
  • Customized Training
Total Plant Assurance
Top Selling Ecolab Products

EcoWipes Duo


Equipment Sanitizer

Equipment Sanitizer

Lift III Alkaline Cleaner

Lift III Alkaline Cleaner

Vortexx Sanitizer


Tsunami 100

Tsunami 100 Sanitizer

Conquest Alkaline Cleaner

Conquest Alkaline Cleaner

AC-55-5 Red Acid Detergent

AC-55-5 Red
Acid Detergent

AC 103 High Alkaline Cleaner

AC 103 High Alkaline Cleaner

Enforce LP Alkaline Cleaner

Enforce LP Alkaline Cleaner


Ecolab Programs
EcoCare Program
EcoCare Program
Oasis Program
Oasis Program
Our Customers Come First
Ecolab & Kelley Supply, Inc. Partnership

Kelley Supply and Ecolab representatives work together to provide the best possible solutions to our customers. Together, our teams provide a synergistic approach to sanitation program management, which is one way we provide a competitive advantage to our customers.

What we can do for you:
  • Food Safety Program Support
  • Customized Program Plans
  • Cost/Use Analysis
  • Inventory Management
  • Customer Training Services
  • Sanitation Systems Floor Plan Layout & Design


Together, We Proudly Serve the Following Industries:

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Food & Beverage Processing
Breweries & Wineries Icon
Breweries & Wineries
Cheese Industries Icon
Cheese Industries
Dairy Farms Icon
Dairy Farms
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Meat, Poultry & Seafood